Mobile CRM: Do you really need it? This will help you decide.

Mobile CRMs: Work is just a click away! Sounds interesting, right? The world has adapted to the changes ever since the introduction of mobiles and smartphones. Let’s take an example from our lives themselves; our mobiles have become a necessity, everything that you look out for is available just a tap away. Download numerous apps and get what you want. Who would have thought that a day like this would come when these tiny devices’ Mobiles can also access heavy software like CRMs’, right?

Increasing dependency and usage of mobile phones has somehow forced the software-generating giants to make their products available for every device. From iOS to Android and Microsoft, the management is reaching your fingertips. Now, speaking of Mobile CRMs, imagine a world where you don’t have to carry your laptop bags everywhere you go.

Many companies have already started using Mobile CRMs, and I mean, why won’t they? We like our burden laid off by either a person or an AI. Many businesses have found this new concept a fruitful venture. They have been getting benefits from the adaptation. They have seen benefits in maintaining client relationships, improvement in operational experiences, and better sales.

With the introduction of Mobile CRM, the sales team becomes more efficient to close the deals rapidly. In addition, it helps with the management of data collected and requests made by the consumer/prospect and in managing and responding to their queries.

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Now, let us discuss a bit of the technicality and benefits of Mobile CRM. 

Mobile CRM: Traction of sales

Any business owner seeks ROI before investing with a fresh amount. In this case, only the best Mobile CRM can help with generating more ROIs. Handy access to prospect’s data & history always helps with client management. When companies run discount campaigns and offers, it becomes easy to manage the requests instantly. If I speak in simpler words, quick response to the generated query will always help close the deals. Going this way, the sales representatives save time as they don’t have to look up the details again and again. It clears the clutter and makes it easier to create authentic relationships and, as a result, close more deals.

Increase in the departmental production

A mobile CRM app opens the floodgates for optimizing efficiency by leveraging core technologies on smartphones and tablets. Having your calendar and getting in touch with applications integrated into your CRM can prevent tons of your time for sales representatives. Scheduled things and reminders help the team members to manage and fulfill the requirements of clients swiftly. It may also be helpful with the automation of the possible works and requirements. With this introduction, managers can also access things remotely and instruct the team accordingly. Furthermore, sales representatives can refine their route planning and make more client touches than they could otherwise by displaying their weekly agenda during a simplified layout.

Refined data collection:

Collecting valuable data becomes easier with Mobile CRM features. It gives you insights into what’s happening within the field and distributes resources most effectively. The data slots help users to update contacts and other required details easily. With the help of a CRM, users can add notes and requested information to avoid clashes.

Flexibility to settle on from multiple devices & platforms

The majority of sales teams include a personal computer, laptop, and smartphone in their working platform. Additionally to their laptops, some people can also have a tablet and a smartphone. Apptivo’s system is meant to figure with all of these devices, including screen sizes and data synchronization. It makes it easier to transition on and off the sales reps while giving them complete flexibility to settle on the device they wish to work with.

Shortened sales cycles

Mobile CRMs enable salespeople to shut deals with fewer interactions, allowing them to return to prospecting and deal with new opportunities faster. Although this is often a plus that will contribute to higher earnings, there’s one alert. 

More personalized interactions with the consumer help close business deals quickly as it develops a personal relationship with the company and trusts the brand more.

Gaining competitive advantage

Mobile CRMs help a business with the up-to-date. They will make notes and even automate workflow updates like client approvals. It makes your business more responsive and sensitive to customer preferences and provides a personal feel to customers.


The introduction of technology has revolutionized the way the world was managing its business. Having AI support for your business is always a boon, and when speaking of Mobile CRM, the workload seems to be lifted and accessible easily. Everything gathers at one place, and the tasks, pipelines, and every tiny detail comes in handy.



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